From Foodry

ONE OF THE BEST:  Padova's has really great pizza!  I love Donatos but when it
gets reheated it doesn't taste as good.  You don't have that problem  here
(Padova's).  I like the sauce that they use better also.

GREATEST EVER:  I complete agree with both of them.  I've never liked
pepperoni pizza and I'll eat all of it at Padova's if I could, and they're CHEAP!

PIZZA LOVER:  This is the best pizza in Columbus.  As my opinion goes, it is even
good the next day cold.  Always consistent.  Never short on this one time and
something else the next.  Ample toppings and extras are really added when

From Chef Moz

QUITE SIMPLY THE BEST PIZZA ANYWHERE:  I don't like to go overboard with
praise about restaurants, but Padova's is so good, they DESERVE NATIONAL
RECOGNITION!  In a hugely crowded market (there must be 20 pizza places
within 3 miles of my house), Padova's stands out as the very BEST pizza you
can buy.  The owner is very down to earth and goes the extra mile to please the
customer, and you can't beat their prices. But, ABOVE ALL, the quality of their
pizza is SECOND TO NONE!  Having said that, I also have to mention how good
their Italian subs are.  Anytime I have friends or family over from outside the
area, they ALWAYS want to get Padova's.  If you are looking for a nice place to
go sit down and eat, forget everything I said.....this is basically carry out and
delivery only.  They do have a table, but trust me, you will either want to pick it
up or have it delivered.  The biggest problem comes when having to decide
between the pizza or the subs.  We usually end up getting both!!

PADOVAS:  The best.....and I have eaten pizza all over the country.  The only
place that even comes close is Geno's in Toledo, and Giodano's in Chicago.....but
Padova's has both of them beat hands down.

From Urban Spoon

GREAT PIZZA:  My family's been ordering Padova's for over 25  years.  They
have always maintained a very consistent taste and flavor.....I think it must be
the sauce.  The big chains scrimp and go cheap on ingredients, but I've never
had that problem with Padova's.  Over the years they've offered limited menu
items....mainly pizza, subs, spaghetti, lasagna and salads.  But what they make
they make extremely well.  In addition to the quality, they offer low-cost family
specials, which are perfect for the economic times we find ourselves in now.

From Trip Advisor Traveler Reviews

OMG!:  Listen....I have been drinking beer and eating pizza for only God knows
how  long, and there is no other pizza that I would say can hold a candle to the
pizza from Padova's Pizza.  The sauce has just the right amount of basil and
I've never had one burnt or made wrong in any way.  The price for 2 large
pizzas is the best I have found in town.  The only drawback is that I live on the
opposite side of town and have to drive 25 minutes to get it....  :-(  
A small price to pay for spectacular pizza.
Great Food at Great Prices!